A role model on how to act in Serbia

A role model on how to act in Serbia

On Sunday, 21st of May 2017, a famous film director Emir Kusturica and a well -known  Professor of Architecture Dr Branislav Mitrovic visited Uzice. Together with the City management, they have discussed the next steps related  to revitalization of the Old Historic Town. After the work meeting at the Mayor’s Office, they all visited the location of the fortress in Uzice.

The Mayor of the City of Uzice, Mr. Tihomir Petkovic, said on the occasion that ” this new generation of citizens in Uzice, is happy that our fellow-citizen and a true genius Emir Kusturica accepted to refine and realize the idea that the Old Town becomes the most important Uzice’s tourist product. ”

Mr. Petkovic also emphasized that he do not have any doubts in success, since beside Emir Kusturica and Professor Mitrovic,  there is also a third important factor, respectively Mr. Nikola Selakovic who helps with the realization of this idea with all his heart.

Mr. Emir Kusturica, to whom this has been the third visit to the Old Town, emphasized that this is one of the actions that are possible to be realized in Serbia.

” Along with the creation of academician Mitrovic, we will make something which will not open it up physically but in any other sense also. You couldn’t find a better role model of how people should act in Serbia. With the reconstruction of something that is a historical mirror of this region, all the way to what it can mean in tourist sense, there lies the truth that Uzice has the first hydroelectric power plant in Europe after the one on Niagara waterfalls, as well as the 7 km old railway track which leads to thermal water springs and Roman wonders. This is an essential step in order for Uzice to fix its character. ”

Having been asked for his role in this project, he answered that his task was to bring Professor Mitrovic but also to “help as much I can with my influence, if I still have it in Serbia to reconstruct this fortress and remember our rulers, all way back to the Altomanovics”.

Kusturica gave an answer to the question of how to revive “Uzice’s Stonehenge”, where he gave several solutions but again he underlined that it is necessary to build a complete architectural and tectonic complex. He said that “the fortress should become one historical subject of interest, and to be blended in the tourist and cultural idea by all side contents, which is the idea of the Mayor Petkovic.

The academician Mitrovic said that this was his first time at the very location and that he was positively surprised with several points that, according to his opinion, have a remarkable potential.

” Such an exposed location, as a landmark of one city, deserves a new breath, new step and a new input for the development of the City of Uzice”.

The access to the very fortress, which is often named as the biggest challenge, Professor Mitrovic considers it should be planned in a very delicate matter without disturbing the already existing surrounding. He emphasized he shared the enthusiasm of all other participants in this project, saying he has the honour to give his contribution.

All other steps in the realization of this idea were discussed with a note that works on the first phase of the fortress conservation begin this summer which will be done by Institute for cultural protection of monuments.