Ethno park “Terzica Avlija”

Ethno park “Terzica Avlija”

Ethno Park “Terzica avlija”, as a countryside tourist household near Uzice, in the village of Zlakusa represents an outdoor and indoor museum.

It is a house from 20th century, as a typical countryside household nearby Uzice, with old houses and surrounding such is farm, milk house, well, cheese house…

Ethno Park “Terzica avlija” is also a center place of an association Zavicaj that was founded in order to cherish culture, tradition, customs, old crafts and countryside development through enhancement of countryside tourism and environment protection. “Terzica avlija” is at the same time the founder of countryside tourism in Zlakusa, City of Uzice and a synonym for countryside tourism of the Zlatibor Region. It is often the place of study visits for many tourists groups, including the foreign ones.

“Terzica avlija” today includes:

  • accommodation for guests who like countryside tourism
  • restaurant part (traditional inn with outside garden which represents an ambient part of a household as it used to be)
  • climbers’ camp (tent places, with all necessary infrastructure )
  • museum part (a rich collection dating from Roman period, Ottoman Empire, Kingdom of Serbia, Kingdom of Yugoslavija, all to the period of SFRJ, a classroom from the period of Second World War, weaver room, pottery work room, an exhibition named “ Three centuries of pottery in Zlakusa”
  • gallery with the library (titles that can be used by the guests)
  • souvenir shop (pottery, traditional costumes, ethno souvenirs, etc)
  • summer stage ( where are performed numerous performances such is Ester concert, vocal solo performers in “Raspevana avlija”, traditional festival “Zlakusa all in song and dance”

There are marked round walking paths (60 km) which connect the Ethno Park with the most significant tourist facilities- Potpec Cave, a pyramidal monument from the II WW with a magnificent view to the Zlatibor peaks, village Dreznik, the River of Rzav, Mountains Ovcar and Kablar, valleys of Zlakusa, Uzice and Potpec, then Roska spa, a mine where pottery craftsmen from Zlakusa take their raw material for the pottery, etc.

Aside the museum part and accommodation, by an organized tourist offers, the Ethno Park has a possibility of organizing one-day lunches, a presentation of the old pottery craft, visits to the pottery households and Potpec Cave, walks on the marked paths, mini folk dance concerts of the association “Zavicaj”, exhibitions and presentations of costumes makings, mini seminars organizations, etc.

Ethno Park “Terzica avlija” is the center of association “Zavicaj” and it is opened all over the year.

Address: Zlakusa bb, 31 205 Sevojno, Uzice
tel: +381 (0) 31 546 118
+381 (0) 69 546 1180