How to find us ?

How to find us ?



From Belgrade you should drive via a motorway E-763 through Ljig where there is an exit to the Highway (Corridor 10) to Cacak and further via motorway E-763 to Pozega and Uzice. Average travel time is three hours. This is the fastest road, but highly frequented.

Another way is via Valjevo and Kosjeric, slightly slower road, but with a nice scenery.

From Nis you should drive via Highway E-75  through Aleksinac and Paracin where there is an exit for Kragujevac in Batocina and further via motorway 182 to Mrcajevci. From Mrcajevci drive via motorway E-761 through Cacak where there the road further takes you via motorway E-763 and further through Pozega until your final destination Uzice. Average travel time is around four hours.



From Podgorica you should drive via motorway E-763 through Kolasin, Mojkovac and Bijelo Polje (Montenegro), Prijepolje and Nova Varos in Serbia. Average travel time from Podgorica to Uzice is four hours.

From Sarajevo you should drive to the east via motorway E-761 through Rogatica and Visegrad. Average travel time is three hours.


The bus station in Uzice is near the city center. Uzice is well connected with almost all cities in Serbia and the biggest European cities. Here are the information on bus lines connecting the biggest cities in the area:













If you decide to travel and visit Uzice by train you should go via railway Belgrade-Bar. Here are the information on trains leaving Podgorica and Belgrade:







There are three international airports near Uzice. You can fly via “Nikola Tesla” Belgrade Airport, then Sarajevo Airport or the Airport Podgorica or the Airport Tivat and after landing to use another way of transport.

Airport “Nikola Tesla” is 18 km to west of Belgrade, near place Surcin. The connection with the city Uzice is via Highway Belgrade-Zagreb. All biggest world airlines have regular flights to Belgrade.

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