Green lodges

Green lodges

The complex Green Lodges includes several houses set up in a natural realm- lodges “Izvor”, “Zubor” and “Slavuj”, outdoor rest house and benches for free time, outdoor fire place, barbecue, baking house, children playground and accommodation for pets.

The ethno accommodations are well organized, functional, and extremely pleasant for stay and holiday.They are built out of wood and stone with usage of good-quality and eco materials. All apartments have floor heating, fire places combined with old furnaces. Each of them is equipped with satellite TV and domestic TV programs, as well as phones. Kitchens are completely modern.

A club, placed in the lodge “Zubor”, decorated for sitting, talking or expert conferences, meetings, seminars, workshops, etc. It has 20 seats, TV, bar and tea kitchen, resting place outside and it offers possibilities of relaxed, spontaneous or organized guest gathering.

Green Lodges are situated in a well organized park, in a wide green field crossed with walking paths, springs of water, green bushes and flowers where are also resting benches. In the very park there are places for BBQ, outdoor fire places for preparing traditional meals in pottery.

For children there is space for playing, meeting animals, etc.

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