Renovated Children Playground in the Kindergarten "Bambi"

Renovated Children Playground in the Kindergarten “Bambi”

Representatives of “Novak Djokovic Foundation”, as well as representatives of the local authorities and

the institution of “Uzice Kindergarten” officially opened today completely renovated children playground in the kindergarten “Bambi”. The Foundation invested around 19 000 € in the adaption of the playground.

The kindergarten “Bambi” is one out of nine facilities within the institution “Kindergarten Uzice” and at the same time one of the biggest kindergartens in the city, and a place where around 380 children go every day.

Deputy Mayor of the City of Uzice, Mr. Nemanja  Nesic, on the occasion said that every investment in a careless children growing up is an investment that always gives you back in multiple ways.

” The youngsters deserve safe conditions for playing which develops their physical and intelectual abilities and drives them to make friendships. Everything we learn in the earliest childhood is well incorporated into foundation of our character. That’s why we are thankful to the foundation of Novak Djokovic that renovated the playground that fits every child and where the children from Uzice will enjoy in playing and through it adopt true values. A gift from someone who grew up to stars has a greater value. Novak will always remind us of someone who should be a role model to the children, not only on the sports court, but in charity work that a man make great”, said Mr. Nesic.

Ms. Gorana Dzudza Jakovljevic, project manager in Novak Djokovic Foundation , reminded us of the accomplished results and good cooperation on the project.

”  Playgrounds offer key and vital possibilities for children’s development. Researches show a clear relation between play and brain development and motor abilities. Within a public call from 2015 , our Foundation renovated four playgrounds until now in Serbia, this is fifth, which created places for more than 1000 children to play. We are planning three more renovation of playgrounds in three cities. The local initiatives have key significance as well as applying with the projects where our help is necessary. Together we can contribute to better conditions for children”, said Ms. Dzudza Jakovljevic.

On behalf of all employees and users, the Director of the “Kindergarten Uzice”, Ms. Veselinka Jovanovic, expressed their gratitude for the donation.

” I want to say thanks to the Foundation Novak Djokovic that made us happy and donated this wonderful playground with the equipment. By this donation the Foundation make it possible for the children of this city grow up in a simulative surrounding and stimulating environment. The children will, together with their teachers, enjoy in using this space and they will always gladly remember the ones who made it possible”, said Ms. Jovanovic.

This project was  chosen in the Public Call that Novak Djokovic Foundation published in 2015/2016. The overall objective of the Call is investing in renovation and adaption of kindergarten and school facilities, as well as the purchasing of necessary furniture and equipment which will be used by children from 20 cities all over Serbia.